About Us

About Us

Welcome To Wax Wing Holidays

Wax Wing Holidays Pvt. Ltd. offers real, unique, boutique & luxury journeys experiences and delivers authentic travel to the world’s top destinations including our special programs to our own Indian destinations, with a team of dedicated and passionate Travel Managers at our office in India. Our tours are the depiction of history, culture and social interaction along with the leisure time that allows our clients to explore the place on their own.

We have hundreds of travel options out there to explore with us; it can be overwhelming to find the perfect vacation for you. We know that our all tours are exceptionally designed to meet the demands of our consumers and are put together with the research, negotiate the deals, customize programs and create the perfect holiday just for our clients either it is B2B or B2C. One of our most successful features is our perfect guides and escorts; it will be a one-person contact throughout the journey.

The wonderful and varied travelling experiences of our staff form the basis of the tours, expeditions, and wide variety of accommodation options that we are proud to offer you. And we have all tailor-made the individual itineraries to meet our client’s need. We always do strict Quality Control and monitor all feedback so that standard of our service is to be maintained and is to be continued to provide a matchless travel experience to each & every guest.

We always work according to the needs of our consumers and deliver best to their expectations. Our clients have come from the all parts of the world like GCC, United States of America, Australia, UK & Ireland, Europe, and among other countries and every day we are expanding our horizons to work with new markets from all over the world.

Our Mission of the team is to create unique and exceptional travel experience in providing the services to the client that is beyond their expectations. Our Vision is to strengthen in providing quality and innovative services. We are reliable and trustworthy in all our relationship with the clients.