Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a passport and/or a visa to travel abroad?

You will always need a passport to travel overseas & will always need a visa wherever require despite of leaving some countries where there is an on arrival Visa. A passport is an internationally-recognized Proof issued by the national government of one’s home country. It is always required for the purpose of travel into one’s country. Entry requirements will always vary for those who are travelling as a tourist, studying or working abroad.

How can I find the cheapest airfares and good hotel prices?

The best source is wax wing Holidays Pvt. Ltd. which has special Leisure & corporate airfares and hotels we do a very strict comparison all with the Offline and Online Modules so that our clients get the maximum out of the package, ticket prices & hotel so that we can book for them. We are one stop for all travel related needs you can buy all the assistance.

I do not want to my entire trip. Can I just buy a ticket and visa and find a hotel online myself?

Yes you can, but it is always advisable to buy the complete package from one stop either with us or from some other vendor, the more vendors involved higher the cost. It is not that difficult to find an accommodation right when you arrive at your destination. However, you might have difficulties in large tourist areas like UK, USA, Sydney, Rome, Venice, Paris, or Barcelona and should book the trip well in advance. You can book with the vendor well in advance to get the right price or can compare the same from Online Travel Agents and wherever you find the best deal you can go for the same.

I am a first time traveler; will I get the special assistance at the airport?

Yes, we have representatives at all the place where we arrange a tour for our clients. We take special care to our client wherever they are traveling, either the first timer or the repeat one. Our travel consultant gives a detailed download of the complete package to all the clients so that they should not have any problem during their travel.

I just arrived in a city how; can I get the local assistance or geographical knowledge?

There is lot of good travel guides to accompany to any trip. A budget-oriented guide book (such as Let's Go, Lonely Planet, and traveler’s Choice & Outlook Traveler etc.) can guide you to tourist information bureaus, alert you to must-see sites, and help you find low-cost accommodations and cheap prices. In such guides you can innumerous options of local as well international cuisines and shopping points.