Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Heath care help to International Patients

We make it easier to find and receive specialty treatments by helping you find the right hospital and assisting you with everything, that may need in process of getting the treatment. We provide free consultation to international patients either through exchanging of emails, via phone call or Skype or other communication mediums.

Our  Services.

With a network of more than 200 hospitals and specialty clinics in Delhi- NCR & within India.  We have the capability to get treatments done in every medical specialty.

Right facilities, availability as per schedule, cost of treatment, or any other requirement you ask us to consider, we connect you to healthcare providers most suited to your needs. We are committed to provide you the highest quality of care, from the top health-care providers in the most transparent and convenient manner.

We further facilitate the entire process, beginning from visa processing and travel arrangements, to on-ground assistance during your treatment. Based on your needs we can provide some of all of the services.

In healthcare one glove does not fit all, so we at Wax Wing holidays tailor our service to your requirements.

We take care of entire stay of the guest from hotel, transportation, or any other related to their stay or any need during their treatment with the hospitals.

We assure the patients to maintain international standards and assure them to the quality service.

Pre Treatments

Connect with the healthcare provider most suited to your needs.

Share your medical records and get the first communication between you and the doctor of your choice.

During Treatments

Pick up and drop facility to the airport.

Get hotels in vicinity of chosen hospital.

Arrangements & Appointments for consultation & Treatment.

On-ground assistance during Admission & Discharge.

Post Treatments

Setting up Consultation with doctors on Skype and other communication channels.

Machine Delivery to your home country.